Outdoor Authority is located on the best walleye fishery in Minnesota. Along with outstanding walleye, Upper Red Lake provides world class northern pike fishing and when they can be found, 14” crappies. We even get into some nice perch from time to time on the gravel. Outdoor Authority provides Huge houses with plenty of room to accommodate its guests without being crowded in 2,4,5,6 and 8 person houses; ranging in sizes from 12x32 to 8x14. With houses of all sizes and accommodating a different number of people, we are able to host groups of any size and number. Prior to your arrival, Outdoor Authority will have your house warm, cleaned, holes drilled and scoped. From the resort, you will drive your own vehicle out on the lake on a nicely groomed and plowed ice road to your rented fish house. From there, you will be able to enjoy your fish house in comfort as Outdoor Authority provides 20,000 or 30,00 btu heaters, carpeted floored fish house, lights and power provided by a quite honda 2000 generator. Most houses have 50" tvs and all houses have Dish Network, table with chairs, and comfortable mattresses. Houses will have a portable outhouse near their fish house.

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