Fish Houses

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8-Person Sleeper Fish House
12'X32' - Sleeps 8 (Best for 8)
12'X28' - Sleeps 8 (Best for 8)

$400/Night + Tax     |     Sunday - Thursday ($50/Bed)
$528/Night + Tax     |     Friday - Saturday ($66/Bed)

8 bed, 35,000 btu direct vent heater, 3 burner cooktop stove,

14 holes or 16 holes, 110v lights, 12v hole lights and ceiling lights, 50" TV with Dish Network
*Tables and chairs included*
6-Person Sleeper Fish House
12'X24' - Sleeps 6 (Best for 6)

$300/Night + Tax     |     Sunday - Wednesday ($50/Bed)
$400/Night + Tax     |     Friday - Saturday ($66/Bed)

6 bed, 35,000 btu direct vent heater, 3 burner cooktop stove,

13 holes, 110v lights, 12v hole lights and ceiling lights, 50" TV with Dish Network
*Tables and chairs included*
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6-Person Economy Sleeper Fish House
10'X24 Economy Sleeper House - Sleeps 6 (Best for 4/5)

$275/Night + Tax     |     Sunday - Thursday 
$330/Night + Tax     |     Friday - Saturday 

6 bed, 15,000 btu heater,  cook top stove, 12 holes, 110v lights, 1 outlit,  bring a power strip. 50 in TV w/ Dish Network. 
Holes are not in the ideal location, making this house ideal for 4 or 5 people .  Remodeled 2019
*Tables and chairs included*
4-Person Sleeper Fish House
10'X22' Dave's House - Sleeps 4 (Best for 4)
10'x20' She Shed - Sleeps 4 (Best for 4)

$200/Night + Tax     |     Sunday - Thursday ($50/Bed)
$264/Night + Tax     |     Friday - Saturday ($66/Bed)

4 bed (single bed) 30,000 btu heater, Knotty Pine interior,
cooktop stove, 8 holes, 110v lights,
32in TV w/ Dish Network, Has 2 recliners. 
​​*Tables and chairs included*
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2-Person Sleeper Fish House
Day Houses
8'X14' - Sleeps 3 (Best for 2)

$120/Night + Tax     |     Sunday - Thursday ($60/Bed)
$120/Night + Tax     |     Friday - Saturday ($60/Bed)

2 bed if 3 ask for cot, 10,000 btu heater,
3 burner stove, 6 holes, 110v lights, 32in TV w/ Dish Network

5'X8' - 4 holes - 2 peron (Best for 2)
6'X10' - 6 holes - 3 person (Best for 2)

$80/Day + Tax               |     Sunday - Saturday
 Price is for 2 people                 7am - 7pm

4 or 5 holes, Portable Buddy Heaters
*Propane included*

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What comes with your Fish House?
- 110v Lights
- 110v Plug-ins for radio, iPod, fish locators
- Flat Screen TV w/ Dish Network
- Cooktop stoves
- Tables and chairs
-20 or 30,000 BTU Heater
Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals has established itself as a trusted fish house rental company on Upper Red Lake in Northern Minnesota. Ice fishing season usually starts in early December with walking out to nearby locations by foot. It then transfers into ATV traffic around December 14th and typically has truck traffic and the fish house out before Christmas of each year. Each year is a little different as we are under Mother Natures clock. It finally ends with the close of walleye season at the end of February.

The location of Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals makes it one of the ideal destinations for your ice fishing. It is located along the northern shore of Minnesota's famous Upper Red Lake. Outdoor Authority's fish houses have been cited for being "roomy" and with high-quality amenities. Their houses are clean, orderly, well-heated, and with ice fishing holes drilled and ready to be used upon the customers' arrival. The company uses Honda 2,000-watt generators to provide power for each and every sleeper fish house to provide bright lights to see, charge your electronic devices and provide power to a tv with Dish network connection to watch the game or your favorite show. These readily available options will ensure that ice fishing fans won't have to rough it when they engage in their favorite activity. These are not options but included. Check in is any time after 12:00 (noon) of your arrival date and check out is 9:00 am on your departer date from Beacon Harbor Resort on the North East Corner of Upper Red Lake.

Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals sets itself apart from its competitors through outstanding customer service and huge fish houses. The company's interaction with its customers goes beyond providing them with accommodations. You come as a client and leave a friend.
Recommended Items to bring:
- Toilet Paper
- Sleeping bag, pillow and single bed sheet
- Pots, pans, silverware, plates,bowls, cooking oil and utensils, fillet knife, zip lock bags, garbagebags, food and water
- Coolers, portables, fish locators, shovel, tip-ups, rods, reels, pails
- Fatheads, Shiners, Suckers, Redtails, 
Please do not bring the following items:
- Coffee pot, crock pots, slow cookers, electric frying pan, electric deep fryer, microwave, toaster ovens, electric blankets, electric space heater, pizza oven.

If it heats, warms or cooks, it is NOT allowed. These high watt items can cause the generators to overload. If you would like to bring these items, you will need to provide your own generator and fuel for the entire duration of your stay. 
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